My Top 5

These are some of my favorite technical blog posts (which I've written)

  1. My First Blog Post, in 2018
  2. Why I like it

    It solves a problem, it teaches developers, it automates tedious tasks, it was my first blog post

    What's it about?

    Tutorial about developing an automated script to search & notify you of new job postings. Using Node.js

  3. Solving a Scaling Issue with Personal Blogs
  4. Why I like it

    It solves a problem, it teaches developers, it helps scale blog-style websites, it was fun to implement

    What's it about?

    Tutorial to help developers scale their personal blog by adding search functionality. Using Algolia and Hugo.

  5. My Most Talked About & Engaging Post
  6. Why I like it

    It has over 700 reactions & 60 comments, it brings awareness to software licensing and open source, the topic impacts millions of developers

    What's it about?

    A popular developer purposely introduced a bug into his software, which cascaded to thousands of other software.

  7. My First Featured Post
  8. Why I like it

    It has over 600 reactions & 30 comments, it was featured on, it improves developer experiences

    What's it about?

    I explain why using a developer-specific font can improve your productivity and health.

  9. Helping Developers Solve a Compatibility Issue
  10. Why I like it

    I learned a lot, it helps other developers wanting to solve a similar problem

    What's it about?

    Django doesn't support MongoDB, so I explain a workaround for it. Using PyMongo, a Python distribution.