My Roadmap

A visual representation of where I see myself heading (in terms of DevRel)

More Details...

Within the first couple of months, I will learn:

  • What products our company offers to developers
  • The key priorities & goals of the company
  • The business impact of DevRel and how the company feels about it
  • What the mononotization strategy is (how does developer engagement lead to higher revenue)
  • What the developer culture is like and how they influence the company
  • Where we are lacking and understand how to improve
  • The competition/market, as well as other DevRel teams, to make improvements
  • What is the company direction and where do developers fit in
  • How we track developer conversion and engagement
  • How people from other departments see DevRel
  • The ins and outs of our product and how developers use it
  • How the documentation platform works, so I can maintain it and add features